Historical Archive

In the year 1907 Max Paul Ollrich was born in Berlin´s famous  " Zilles Milieu "  in Germany.

Early on, during this first years of his life near by the rivers  " Spree "  and  " Havel ", he experienced a great affection about the several boats and ships passing by, day by day.

The young Max Paul decided to built his own model boats out of anything on hand and forthcoming, just good enough for this reason, not always for the best enjoyment and delight of his mom during this uncertain times...

His fondness and patience towards shipping brought him soon to an authority about all the different kinds of vessels as well as about the historical sailing and steam boats.

Located inside the German towns  " Free and Hanseatic City of Bremen "  and  " Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg "  he established an own business in 1927, the trade and brokerage with boats and yachts. In the next decades he expanded his company   " Ollrich Yachts ".

After his wife Charlotte gave birth to three childrens and to expect heavy seas ahead again, their oldest son Joachim Max Paul Wilhelm Ollrich developed the same bond of affection for ships such as his father 35 years ago. While labour hand in hand  " Ollrich Yachts "  became a pseudonym for authority and expertise in connection with trade and brokerage of boats, yachts and ships.

Joachim Max Paul Wilhelm Ollrich´s son Andreas Joachim inherited the company  " Ollrich Yachts "  in 1998, after the early passing of his father who has lead  " Ollrich Yachts "  to one of the world´s most favoured address for exclusive yacht brokerage.

Andreas J. Ollrich has bounded himself to continuously enhace and advance the service of  " Ollrich Yachts "  within the coming years and decades.